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Synthetic Compressor Oil - Extreme Horsepower
Automatic SAE 20

About 5 years ago Superior Performance in conjunction with Neal Racing Transmissions began looking for a better transmission fluid for the unique stresses that a turbocharged 2500 + HP automatic transmission goes through. They discovered that AMSOIL's Synthetic Compressor Oil was a perfect match for the tremendous heat a turbocharged car can build in the Transmission, especially when they are trying to build boost on the starting line.

AMSOIL Synthetic Compressor Oil offers extreme high HP race cars several distinct advantages:

  • 495° Flash Point (Conventional Type F is about 320°). Turbo cars when building boost will occasionally overheat the fluid causing it to push out the vent, front seals, etc. becoming a fire ball. A higher flash point helps prevent the oil from flashing to a flame if this situation does occur.
  • No Friction Modifiers, works like a Type F fluid.

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Super Shift Racing Transmission Fluid SAE 10W

Outstanding performance in high-performance, high-horsepower vehicles. Formulated without friction modifiers and viscosity improvers for positive clutch pack engagement and stable viscosity. Prevents slippage and lowers heat. Recommended for racing and street performance automatic transmissions.

AMSOIL Synthetic Super Shift Racing Transmission Fluid is recommended for automatic transmissions coupled to high horsepower, high torque engines. It is also recommended where heavy loads place a high demand on transmissions. Recommended where Allison C-4 or Ford Type F is required for 1000 hp non-turbocharged racing applications.

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