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AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program

AMSOIL Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership. Preferred Customers also receive an information kit on AMSOIL products and the monthly AMSOIL product, racing and application magazine, the AMSOIL Action News.

Benefits Include:

  • Minimal membership fee ($10 for six month trial membership, $20 for annual renewal). The cost of the trial membership will likely be
  • Wholesale pricing that is 25-30% savings less than retail, with no minimum purchase requirements.
  • Preferred Customers receive an information kit including a catalog, wholesale price listing, oil filter application guide and numerous product brochures.
  • AMSOIL News Letter Preferred Customers receive the monthly AMSOIL Action News to keep them informed of technical and application developments for AMSOIL Products as well as news pertaining to their interests, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Preferred Customers may upgrade to a dealership at any time, and their membership fee counts towards the cost of the dealership. ($30/year)

To Become A Preferred Customer

Click on Preferred Customer Program to add the 6-month or 1-year membership to your shopping cart. Then you can immediately add products to your shopping cart at the discounted price along with your membership. You will receive your Preferred Customer Membership pack in the mail in 7 to 10 business days.

Your Preferred Customer Registration will take approximately one day to process, after that when you log in to the AMSOIL site you will see your preferred customer prices. Preferred Customer Memberships are recommended for people who are not necessarily interested in the business opportunity, but want the lowest possible prices on the best lubrication and filtration products for their vehicles and equipment. Preferred Customers pay the same low prices for AMSOIL products that AMSOIL Dealers pay. Ten dollars gets you a six-month trial Preferred Customer membership for buying AMSOIL products at wholesale prices.

Here is what Preferred Customers get: Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices. The discount price is 25-30% less than regular retail prices. If you buy $100 of AMSOIL products a year, a Preferred Customer membership will save you money! Preferred Customer memberships may be renewed indefinitely for only $20/year

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