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Saber Outboard

Designed for pre-mix applications as lean as 100:1 ratios or richer. Improves throttle response and lowers or eliminates smoke. Minimizes deposit formation and lowers emissions. Performance emphasis on the cooler operations of water-cooled motors.

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Series 2000 Synthetic Chaincase Oil

Provides superior protection and performance for enclosed chains. Ideal for snowmobles, ATVs and general equipment. Extreme-pressure additives provide extra wear protection. Extends chain life, repels water and inhibits rust, oxidation and foam. Superior low-temperature performance and protection.

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Semi-Synthetic Bar and Chain Oil

Tacky formula clings to metal surfaces better than other oils. Delivers unparalleled lubrication and protection. Anti-wear additives extend the life of bar and chain applications. Ideal for chainsaws.

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